Photos will not upload to media library anymore

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    When trying to upload photos from my PC to Media Library there will only appear the photoname, no photo. This happens in approx. 70% of the cases. Hence in 30% of the cases it functions well. This started to happen this week while creating a new blog episode. Even worse: around 70% of the already uploaded photos have dissappeared in a similar way. Hence they vanished from Media Library and from the Blog posts when you open them. I’m starting to get in a slight panic here as I put a lot of effort in this blog every week.
    I’m a standard user and have used 80% of the 3Gb space.

    Desperate for some help. Thanks in advance, Andre Huizing

    De blog waarbij ik hulp nodig heb is


    Hello Andre,

    It looks like this is a duplicate topic that was previously answered at

    For any further discussion please post in the above thread.


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