Private settings, Plug-ins, Clips and Videos

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    When a WordPress site is private, can you still enable Plug-Ins? When I clicked on ‘upload Plugs-in’, the site said that I need a business program, which indeed I do not have yet, but it also said I should place the site on the public settings in order to upload a plug-in. Is this true or did that just happen because it isn’t a Business site yet? I need this site totally private, with logins and passwords so I do need to know what’s possible and what isn’t.

    And does anyone have experience with the plug-in ‘Embed private YouTube Videos’? It sounds great, that you can embed private YT videos but I can’t find reviews or something anywhere.

    Eager to hear from you.

    De blog waarbij ik hulp nodig heb is


    Dacht dat het in het Engels moest, maar als iemand antwoorden heeft, graag!

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