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    This past year, I’ve had 3 payments made to WordPress through my credit card. I think it might be for the following websites:; and

    When I log on to the account of or, there is no billing information or billing history visible, while I definitely payed €18 for annual hosting. Furthermore, I need these VAT invoices for my bookkeeping.

    I’ve had payments through my credit card on Febr. 2nd, June 15 and October 23rd of 2018. Every time it was a payment of €18, I believe for the annual renewal of my domains.

    Can you please tell me the following:
    – What domain goes with which payment?
    – With what email address can I log on to the various domains to consult/change the billing info? I have used different email addresses in the past and I can’t remember them all.
    – How can I download the VAT invoices for my bookkeeping?

    VAT number: BE0639999367.

    Thanks in advance for your quick response.

    Kind regards

    Valerie van den Berg

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